Web Resources for Active Methodists

www.earthday2011.net  Information about Earth Day
www.americanbible.org  American Bible Society
www.churchworldservice.org  Church World Service (missions)
www.upperroom.org/emmaus     The Walk to Emmaus
www.umc.org/infoserv  our denomination’s information service
www.umc.org   our denomination’s website (excellent)
www.gnjac.org our annual conference’s website
www.gbgm.org General Board of Global Ministries
www.gcumm.org United Methodist Men
www.gbgm-umw.org  United Methodist Women
www.gbod.org    General Board of Discipleship
www.godweb.org/nrs/index2.htm   The Bible (same as pew version)
http://www.umc-gbcs.org General Board of Church and Society
Did you know…  The United Methodist Church is on Facebook?

Did you know …  The United Methodist Church has a 20-minute video

summary of the general church’s history and its present challenges at:

http://www.gbod2.org/methodistway/default.htm ?


“United Methodist 101” from United Methodism Communications



Additional Resources

30 Hour Famine
ALIVE Ministry
Delanco Camp
Keswick Mid-Winter Advance

Youth Permission Slip